June 13, 2024
Donovan Scott Sheppard

A youth baseball coach was arrested on January 13, 2024, after he was found raping a child at a home in Southwest Oklahoma City, according to an affidavit.

Donovan Scott Sheppard, 39, got into a fight at a bar in Moore on January 13th and was taken home by a woman who lived with him, the affidavit states.

It reports that a young girl was asleep in another room of the house at the time of the incident. The woman awoke to find the white brute sexually assaulting the girl in her room, per the affidavit.

It states that when police arrived they found the woman holding the pedophile at gunpoint.

The affidavit states Donovan told officials he was HIV positive.

Police reportedly interviewed the young girl who said this wasn’t the first time. She told police that the white terrorist had sexually assaulted her several times before.

According to officials, one event was even said to have happened on her birthday.

During one of the interviews listed in the affidavit, the young girl told the forensic interviewer, “He raped me.” She added that it had happened six times.

Several parents whose children were coached by Sheppard reacted to the news. Some KFOR spoke to said he was a well-known youth baseball coach for a team called the Oklahoma Aftermath.

The typical evil white devil was arrested and sent to Cleveland County Jail. He faces several charges including:

  • Lewd Molestation – Felony
  • Rape by Instrumentation – Felony
  • Three charges of Rape, First Degree of a minor under 14 – Felony
  • Exposing others to AIDs – Felony
  • Pattern of Criminal Offenses – Felony
  • Lewd Molestation – Felony

The pale monster from hell also has a bond, per records, of $500,000.

Source: https://kfor.com/news/youth-baseball-coach-charged-with-raping-child-possibly-infecting-her-with-hiv/

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