June 13, 2024
Mauricio Powless

An 18-year-old who sexually assaulted two teens and tried to assault another child was charged Monday, after admitting the incidents to police.

Mauricio Powless was charged with two counts of second-degree sexual assault of a child, false imprisonment, and attempted sexual assault of a child for the incidents at the Tundra Lodge in Green Bay.

At an initial appearance Monday, bond was set at $40,000 cash. He returns to court Feb. 9 for a preliminary hearing.

According to the criminal complaint, the first incident happened on Jan. 20, when the sex terrorist tried to pull down the pants of one girl, and blocked her and a friend from getting out of an elevator. The girls were ages 10 and 13.

While police were investigating that incident, another parent said her child was assaulted, as well. In that case, the white monster grabbed the 13-year-old girl’s backside, and took off running.

On Jan. 25, police were called back to the hotel for another reported assault. In that incident, he told a different 13-year-old girl to “kiss me” before grabbing her backside, the complaint states.

After his arrest, Powless admitted to the acts, according to the complaint.

“Mauricio stated he was sorry for what he did. He started to cry. He stated he’s never done anything like this in the past and he’s not sure why he did what he did. Mauricio stated he has not been diagnosed with any mental health issues, but stated he feels he should be tested,” the complaint quotes him as saying.

Source: https://fox11online.com/news/crime/mauricio-powless-second-degree-sexual-assault-child-false-imprisonment-green-bay-hotel-elevator-molestation-inappropriate-touching

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