May 22, 2024
Dmitri V. Kostyunina

A 50-year-old high school teacher in Florida was arrested for plying a juvenile teen with marijuana-infused chocolate and alcohol before performing homosexual acts on the boy. Dmitri V. Kostyunina was taken into custody this week and charged with one count of sexual battery on a person older than 12 but less than 18 by a person over 18, a first-degree felony, and one count of misdemeanor causing delinquency, authorities announced.

According to a press release from the Mount Dora Police Department, MDPD officers on Tuesday, Oct. 3 received a complaint claiming that this white faggot sexually battered a minor at his home located in the 2000 block of Arbor Way, which is just under 30 miles northwest of Orlando. The complainant alleged that Kostyunina provided the victim with drugs and alcohol before sexually battering him.

The case was first brought to the attention of MDPD earlier this week when they were contacted by the FBI in connection with an alleged “sexual incident” that took place inside the pedophile’s home, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in the case.

After receiving the report from the federal agents, detectives contacted the victim who agreed to speak with them about what transpired. The victim told investigators that in early September, the homosexual/pedophile, a science teacher at Apopka High School, invited him to his home one night.

The victim said that when he got to the residence, he and the butt terrorist watched a biographical movie about singer Elton John and “how he became gay,” the affidavit states. While watching the film, the pale child molester served the boy wine and chocolate which the victim described as having a “weird taste,” noting that he could see a warning label posted on the top of the candy’s packaging.

After consuming the chocolate, the victim told police he “felt very confused” and that “his head was all twisted.”

At some point in the evening, the victim said Kostyunina asked if he wanted a massage, which the victim declined, per the affidavit. The evil white faggot responded by giving the boy more of the chocolate, causing him to feel “more confused and under the influence.” The victim said he turned down several more offers for a massage from the filthy white pedophile before the teacher eventually “performed sexual acts on him,” police wrote in the affidavit.

In an interview with investigators, Kostyunina conceded that the victim did go to his home on an evening in early September and admitted to “providing wine, beer (Blue Moon), and chocolate edibles” for the juvenile to consume. Kostyunina claimed that he had “blacked out” at some point during the night and could not remember everything that happened, but admitted to “making a mistake” and taking part in a “sexual encounter” with the victim.

When asked why he did not report the homosexual encounter, the child rapist told police it was because “he felt scared and embarrassed.”

In a statement to students’ parents, Apopka High School Principal Lyle Heinz said that Kostyunina had been “placed on administrative leave due to allegations of inappropriate conduct.”

“The employee will remain on administrative leave and off campus throughout the investigation,” the statement read. “While we cannot discuss employee matters, please know that I take any allegation very seriously.”

The white parasite was booked into the Lake County Jail Tuesday evening and remained in detention without bond as of Thursday afternoon, jail records show. He is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 30.


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