April 18, 2024
Darren Fuller stole his son’s wife

A pathetic white male split from his wife after catching her cheating with his dad — and now they are expecting twins.

Declan Fuller, 22, said: “It’s sick — how could my father do that to me?”

Cuckold: Declan Fuller

He claims he saw Stephanie, 22, on a baby monitor sneaking into a bedroom for an afternoon romp with his father Darren.

When he ­confronted her Stephanie claimed: “We were watching The Simpsons on TV.”

Ex-funeral worker Declan said: “It’s like a plot from EastEnders. It’s not normal.

He said of his dad: “If I didn’t have a sensible head on my shoulders he would be six foot under now.”

The shameless whore with her ex’s father

Stephanie yesterday insisted: “I did not cheat on Declan. We got together a week or so after he left me.”

Declan grew suspicious after divorced Darren, 44, moved in with the couple and daughter Willow, two, last September.

He was at work two months later when he used his phone to check the monitor at home in Treherbert, Rhondda, South Wales.

But he focused the webcam on his dad’s bedroom door.

Declan said: “I feel betrayed but I’m better off without the two of them.”

The couple of degenerates are now expecting twins

Jobless Darren and Stephanie are now living together in Pontygwaith, near Pontypridd.

A week ago she broke the news that she is having twins.

Declan said: “I feel sorry for the babies, they are coming into a very mixed-up family.”

The twins will be Declan’s half brother or sister and Willow’s brother or sister but also her aunt or uncle.

Darren will be Willow’s grand­father and stepdad.

Mohican-sporting Darren refused to comment.

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/22513978/declan-fuller-dad-cheat-with-wife-expecting-twins/

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  1. Nothing these creatures ever do surprises or shocks me! Yet they’re the first to call someone a savage or uncivilized! I swear sometimes I think they were made by Lucifer himself!👿👿👿👿👿👿

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