June 13, 2024
Basilio Jim Diaz

A federal jury convicted a white male in Florida of crimes involving child sexual abuse material and destruction of evidence.

The FBI executed a search warrant at Basilio Jim Diaz’s home but getting evidence of child exploitation and arresting him wasn’t easy.

The feds said on March 9, 2023, “When the FBI announced their presence, Diaz refused to exit his home.

“FBI SWAT members used an armored vehicle to break through the front door and obtain a visual inside the home.

“The SWAT agents also deployed two drones to better assess the situation inside the home.

“After nearly an hour, Diaz disabled one of the drones and while holding the second drone, the SWAT agents safely entered the home and detained Diaz.”

The feds said their eventual search revealed spent the time destroying evidence.

But, “Despite Diaz’s efforts, the FBI used forensic tools to recover thousands of images and videos depicting the child sexual abuse and exploitation of children from Diaz’s laptop.

“Agents also recovered two child-like sex dolls.”

The white devil, 64, faces 20 years in federal prison for “accessing with the intent to view child sexual abuse material,” and another 20 for destroying evidence.

His sentencing hearing is scheduled for April.

Source: https://wchstv.com/news/nation-world/man-basilio-jim-diaz-child-like-sex-dolls-tried-florida-destroy-material-search-warrant-sex-abuse-evidence-kept-fbi-drone-swat-armored-vehicle-thousands-images-videos#

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