June 13, 2024
Daniel M. Cox

A white brute from Lynn was charged with child molestation after he reportedly touched a young girl in her genital area.

Court documents stated that 41-year-old Daniel M. Cox had inappropriately sexually touched a girl when she was 12 years old.

During an interview, the girl said she was sleeping on the couch in her home one night. Cox (fascinating name for a pedophile) had also been staying at the house and was drinking whiskey in the garage.

At some point during the night, she said Cox came in from the garage and woke her up.

The pedophile reportedly then pulled the girl’s pants down and put his face in her genital area, touching her with his hands, according to the probable cause.

The following night, the girl said she slept in her bedroom “afraid to sleep on the couch in fear of Cox.”

The girl added that the next night, the child molester came into her bedroom and again touched her genitals with his hand.

The probable cause said, in a later interview the pale monster admitted to usually drinking beer and said he went through a phase of drinking whiskey.

Cox said because of the drinking, he didn’t remember what happened but that he didn’t believe he did any of the acts alleged.

Investigators said they then requested Cox take a polygraph examination. The test results informed that the white devil showed deception during the test.

Court records said during a second interview, Cox alleged that he came inside and saw the girl’s pants down and could see her genitals.

He admitted to putting his face near her private area and touching it with his hand.

Cox was charged with child molesting, a Level 1 felony.

An initial hearing was scheduled for Jan. 3 at 1 p.m.

Source: https://fox59.com/news/indycrime/docs-lynn-man-charged-with-molestation-after-sexually-touching-12-year-old-girl/

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