May 21, 2024
Brian Sauer

A white male is charged with kidnapping and raping three teenage girls who were reported missing from a Louisville children’s home.

The girls, ages 13, 14 and 15, disappeared earlier this month from the Home of the Innocents. The facility is designed to help vulnerable children recover from trauma.

Louisville Metro Police arrested Brian Sauer, 44, on Tuesday. They said he knew the girls were missing and picked them up from the side of a road on May 8.

When the teens got into the white devil’s car, court documents say the diabolical pedophile gave each girl a new name and marijuana, then drove them to Cox Park on River Road.

Officials said he raped one of the girls at the park and then took all three of them to a motel in Clarksville, where he sexually assaulted all of them.

Anti-human trafficking advocate Amy Leenerts described Sauer’s actions as “sickening,” saying they will have long-term consequences for the victims.

“Whenever somebody is raped, sexually assaulted, those kind of things, it stays with you forever. It becomes a part of you. You don’t want it to, but that doesn’t matter,” Leenerts told WLKY.

Police said another rape happened back in Louisville before the pale monster dropped all three of the victims off at a trailer park. Officers found two of the girls there, while the third managed to make her way back to Home of the Innocents.

The Home released a statement in response to the incident, reading in part:

“Our hearts go out to the children and individuals close to this situation, and we condemn the actions of the perpetrator and all who bring harm to others.”

All three victims reported Sauer’s crimes to the police, saying he was a stranger.

According to court documents, the child molester admitted he saw the victims, picked them up, and took them to the motel.

He is now charged with three counts of kidnapping, two counts of rape, one count of sexual abuse and three counts of unlawful transaction with a minor. He pleaded not guilty to all charges on Wednesday.

Over the last 20 years, he’s been arrested multiple times in Jefferson County for burglary and criminal trespassing. Most of his charges were amended down or dismissed as part of plea deals.

Sauer currently has an active case from April 17 in Dubois County, Indiana, for possession of marijuana.

His bond for the kidnapping and rape case is set at $1 million.

Here’s the full statement provided to WLKY by the Home of the Innocents:

“We have been made aware of the arrest of a man accused of crimes against children reported to be residents at Home of the Innocents. Due to the sensitive nature of the work we do and populations we serve, we never confirm or deny the residential status or personal information regarding citizens of our community.

“Our hearts go out to the children and individuals close to this situation and we condemn the actions of the perpetrator and all who bring harm to others. For 143 years, Home of the Innocents has enriched the lives of children and families with hope, health, and happiness.

“Maintaining the safety of the children and families we serve, as well as one another, is the number one priority for every team member within our organization. We remain committed to our mission of providing care for children and families in the Commonwealth and we appreciate the continued support from the community.”


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