June 13, 2024
Joseph Andrew Giampa

An accused pedophile could become the first person in Florida put to death for sexually abusing a child.

Prosecutors announced last week their intent to seek a capital punishment sentence under a new law for Joseph Andrew Giampa, who was filmed molesting a young boy.

In a statement announcing Giampa’s grand jury indictment, the Fifth Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office noted the “severity of the crime and impact on the community.”

The typical homosexual, 36, was indicted on six counts of sexual battery of a person under 12 years of age and three counts of promoting a sexual performance by a child.

“The decision to pursue the highest penalty reflects the gravity of the charges and the State Attorney’s Office’s dedication to holding criminals accountable for their actions,” State Attorney Bill Gladson said.

The butt-terrorist was arrested in November after Lake County deputies identified him as the adult roughly raping a young boy in a homemade video that was found on Giampa’s laptop, according to court records.

In the video, the white brute admitted that he knows the child did not enjoy the abuse, but that he “likes it more when [the victim] does not like it.”

The ruthless pedophile — who was also arrested for assault and battery in 2021 — has pleaded not guilty.

The heavy punishment for sex crimes would be the first of its kind in the state under new legislation signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis in May.

Under the new bill, a jury can recommend a death sentence for sexual battery on a child under 12 in a vote of at least 8-4. 

It ran up against a Supreme Court precedent set in 2008, when the high court ruled 5-4 in Kennedy v. Louisiana that the death penalty could not be levied against child rapists or anyone who committed a crime in which the victim did not die.

Florida and Alabama are the only two states that allow death sentences to be imposed after a jury’s nonunanimous recommendation. 

DeSantis, who helped push the legislation forward, applauded the Fifth Judicial Circuit for taking advantage of the new law.

“The State’s Attorney has my full support,” the presidential hopeful said in a statement.

Source: https://nypost.com/2023/12/16/news/accused-florida-pedophile-could-face-death-penalty/

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