June 13, 2024

A white doctor has been accused of sexually abusing at least two dozen women when they were children — after one asked on social media whether vaginal penetration was standard during a pediatric exam.

Dr. Richard Kauff was first charged on Nov. 2 with four counts of rape and 12 counts of indecent assault and battery of a victim under age 14 over complaints from two initial accusers, NBC News reported.

But by the time the white pedophile appeared in Hingham District Court for his arraignment Monday, another 22 accusers — including two who are still minors — had come forward, Plymouth County Assistant DA Jeremy Beth Kusmin told the court.

“We anticipate dozens more similar charges,” the prosecutor said of allegations “growing exponentially.”

The sex terrorist pleaded not guilty and “adamantly denies the charges,” his lawyer, Kelli Lea Porges, told the court.

The two initial accusers said the white devil abused them when they were pediatric patients at South Shore Medical Center between November 1991 and August 2004.

One of them had posted a question to a discussion group on Oct. 4 about whether it was “normal” for a doctor to insert “their fingers in her vagina during a yearly checkup,” according to NBC News, citing a police report.

“The response she received from the post was overwhelming in that what happened to her was not the norm,” the report says.

However, another woman said the same thing had happened to her, leading her to assume it was a “normal part of a routine pediatric physical exam,” the report stated.

Both soon realized they had been treated by the diabolical Kauff, who abused them for over a decade, starting as early as when they were 8 years old, according to NBC.

The white monster at this arraignment

The victim “authored the original Facebook post anonymously” after telling her therapist “how she felt uncomfortable about her visits with the defendant,” Kusmin, the prosecutor, told the court.

“And her therapist told her this behavior was not normal and to contact the police.”

The women told authorities that if their parents were in the room during the exams, the pediatrician would shield them from view, according to the outlet.

Both alleged that Kauff would have them change into paper gowns, lie down on a table and count to three before he would insert his fingers into their vaginas.

The child molester became “extremely upset” when police arrived at his home on Oct. 11 and informed him he was under investigation, NBC News reported, citing the police report.

“Dr. Kauff stated that he had practiced medicine for over forty years without a single issue,” it reportedly said.

The pedophile, who agreed to stop practicing medicine after being charged, was released on $50,000 bail and is due back in court on Jan. 11.

He was ordered to stay away from the women and is barred any unsupervised contact with any children under the age of 16, including his 4-month-old grandson, according to CBS News.

Kauff was not required to wear a GPS monitoring device.

“He has been out and about for a month with this weight on his shoulders,” said his defense attorney, Kelli Porges. “He’s here with his wife and there’s no reason to strap this man with a GPS device.”

South Shore Medical Center told NBC News it was contacting patients.

“These charges are very serious, and we stand ready to assist and cooperate with any investigation,” the hospital said in a statement.

District Attorney Tim Cruz said outside of court: “Obviously, when you go from two to a higher number, to 24 here on the day of the arraignment, I think what it shows is that there’s obviously been a breach of trust between a doctor-patient relationship.”

The filthy white pedophile and his wife have so far declined to comment on the case.

Source: https://nypost.com/2023/11/24/news/pediatric-doc-accused-of-abusing-at-least-24-patients/

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