May 21, 2024
Timothoes Mikhael Powell

A white parasite in Holly Hill is in the Volusia County Jail after cutting a 2-year-old child in his private area.

Timothoes Mikhael Powell, 29, is facing aggravated child abuse.

Police say the child’s mother is Powell’s cousin, and they were living together with the mom’s grandfather and mother.

According to the police report, the baby’s mom received a call from the child abuser while she was at work on Oct. 17.

The report says the white brute was babysitting and told the mom that her child was bleeding from his private area because “a piece of glass was stuck in his diaper and must have cut him.”

Halifax Medical Center treated two gashes in the baby’s private area.

After examination, investigators determined the 2-year-old was physically abused.

The Florida Department of Children and Families contacted Holly Hill police officers to help investigate the child abuse case.

DCF was able to get a hold of home security videos from the family.

The videos showed the white devil changing the boy’s diaper and then walking away with an object in his hand. The boy was seen screaming and crying.

Investigators said the mom saw footage of Powell yelling at her son throughout the day, squirting water at the boy and threatening to put soap in his mouth “if he didn’t become quiet.”

When officers interviewed Powell, they said he denied the claims and became defensive.

While he denied cutting the child, officers said he then admitted to losing his temper and getting frustrated while changing the boy’s diaper.


Powell is being held on a $100,000 bond.

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