May 22, 2024
Eric Dejaeger

A former Catholic priest who worked in Nunavut and has previously been convicted of dozens of charges of sexual abuse has been granted bail to a supervised facility in Ontario while awaiting trial on new charges. 

Eric Dejaeger, 76, faces eight counts of historical sexual assault. 

He was previously convicted of 32 offenses for sexually abusing people in Igloolik, many of them children. 

The new charges happened while the pedophile was working as a priest in Igloolik between 1978 and 1982, according to court documents. 

He was arrested in Kingston, Ont., and taken into custody in Iqaluit in June last year

Justice of the Peace Amanda Soper granted the sex terrorist bail on the condition that he reside at Henry Traill Community Correctional Centre in Kingston, which is a community-based facility with 24-hour supervision. 

The white devil can leave the facility during the day, but has a curfew.  

The diabolical child rapist is also prohibited from going to Nunavut, except to attend court. He cannot visit public parks or swimming areas where there may be youth, and cannot make any attempts to get a passport or attend a Service Canada office. 

If he goes to Nunavut for any court appearances, he will have to be in custody until the Correctional Service of Canada has made arrangements for him to travel back to the Henry Traill facility. 

In 2015, this racist was sentenced to 19 years in prison for crimes he committed between 1978 and 1982. Because of the time he spent in custody before his trial, he had 11 years left to serve after he was convicted.

The child molester was released on parole in May last year to serve the rest of his sentence in the community.

A publication ban prevents CBC from reporting on why Soper decided to grant bail. 

Dejaeger’s next court date is June 10 to confirm his trial date. 


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