May 22, 2024
Richard Forslund Jr.

A firefighter in Burrillville was arrested on child molestation charges.

Police said there are multiple victims and recorded evidence.

Girls ages 12 and 14 told a family member they had been molested, according to court documents obtained by NBC10.

Police arrested Richard Forslund, Jr., 31, a full-time firefighter in the village of Pascoag, and charged him with second-degree child molestation and second-degree sexual assault.

According to court documents, the victims are known to the pedophile and told a family member Saturday that earlier this month he inappropriately touched them.

The child molester was arrested at the Pascoag Fire Department on Sunday.

Court documents detail how the white pedophile touched each of the girls on Sept.17th.

The 14-year-old told the police there had been other instances of Forslund touching her inner thigh in previous days.

The police narrative states Forslund enticed the 12-year-old into bed, the 12-year-old then told the 14-year-old about it, the 14-year-old then started recording, and Forslund is seen touching the 12-year-old again.

The report states Forslund was highly intoxicated.

Delia Forslund, who describes herself as Forslund soon-to-be-ex-wife as a result of the allegations, went to police with the accusations.

“I was devastated and I was sad that they couldn’t come to me sooner, because they didn’t think I was going to believe them. But I’m glad they came to me and just cried together and then we went to the police,” Delia Forslund told NBC10. “I only talked to him briefly and then I blocked his number and he said, ‘I would never do something like that.'”

NBC10 tried to reach Forslund by phone Tuesday. He has not returned the message.

Forslund has been put on unpaid leave at the Pascoag Fire Department, according to the chief at the department.

The Rhode Island Department of Health has suspended Forslund’s EMT license based on the allegations.

Burrillville Police Chief Stephen Lynch told NBC10 the investigation is ongoing.

Forslund appeared in court Monday and was released on $30,000 personal recognizance with a no-contact order.


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