July 17, 2024
Angela McCaine and John Walton

Three children were removed from a house in squalor that included animal feces “everywhere,” exposed nails and hanging wires, police said.

Now, two white adults face child abuse charges in connection to the case.

Last week, Dyersburg police responded to a home for a welfare complaint by a probation officer. The home belonged to Angela McCaine, 26, and her three children lived there as well. The children are 9, 5 and 4 years old.

When officers arrived, they smelled a foul odor coming from the home and there was no clear path to enter, according to Dyersburg police.

When cops went inside, there were electrical wires hanging and exposed nails in the walls, police noted.

Three large dogs and four puppies were running throughout the home, which was covered in feces, according to Dyersburg police. There was no animal food or water in the home.

Roaches, spiders and files were also found throughout the home.

The children did not appear to have been bathed and were wearing the same clothes for weeks, police stated. The kids were barefoot and said they did not have shoes. Child services were called to the home to take custody of the children.

An investigation determined that child services had 11 previous referrals about the family.

McCaine and John Walton, 26, who also lived in the home, were charged with child abuse and neglect. Walton was also charged with possession of heroin, possession of methamphetamine and simple possession of marijuana.

Source: https://www.frontpagedetectives.com/p/tennessee-children-living-conditions-arrest-gross

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