February 29, 2024
Jeremy Guthrie

Newly resurfaced footage shows the disturbing DUI arrest of a child rapist who had six young boys and girls in his car along with empty bottles of tequila and Fireball whiskey.

Jeremy Guthrie was arrested last year on a New Mexico highway while driving erratically and police discovered the children — one of which he raped and impregnated after meeting on social media.

Police bodycam footage from July 5, 2022, showed then 41-year-old child rapist driving across a highway, and then behaving incoherently once stopped.

When police approached the car they were stunned to find it full of young boys and girls, who Guthrie claimed were “his friends” and insisted with slurred words were all 18.

The white pedophile then proceeded to bomb a sobriety field test.

At one point, the sex terrorist was baffled by the preliminary question “Have you ever suffered a traumatic brain injury?”

He was then cuffed and charged with driving under the influence, along with six counts of child abuse.

The pedophile was pulled over by New Mexico law enforcement officials in July 2022 after he was seen driving erratically.

But once booked, Guthrie was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl who was in the car.

The girl had a miscarriage during a year of sexual abuse she suffered at his hands.

The girl’s twin was also in the car, and he sent her lewd texts, is suspected of raping her too, and talked about how much he loved the sisters.

“It makes me sick. I’m livid about what he did to my granddaughters,” the girls’ grandmother told KRQE News 13.

“And he’s just a very, very sick person.”

The child rapist emerged from his pickup truck with the fly of his jeans open, something he couldn’t explain when asked by law enforcement officials.

The pedophile is suspected of raping at least one other underage girl, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

In the body-cam footage of his arrest, Guthrie could be seen struggling to find his wallet after police asked for his driver’s license.

“There’s your wallet right there, between your legs,” the officer said.

Finally handing over the wallet, Guthrie said “Sorry, just a little bit nervous.” 

The child molester asked the cops for an example to explain what direction to recite the alphabet from H through S.

Guthrie was then incapable of understanding the officer’s directions to recite the alphabet from H through S, and while counting down from 62 to 47 he skipped the 50s altogether and slugged away slowly into the 30s.

Revisiting the alphabet challenge, Guthrie said “I don’t like that one.”

Open bottles of tequila and Fireball whiskey were both found in the car during the test.

Satisfied with the evidence, the officers finally cuffed the sex criminal and put him in their squad car.

The sex criminal sent text messages to one of his teenage rape victims using a prison guard’s cell phone.

The children’s parents arrived on the scene on the side of the highway to collect them.

Shortly after Guthrie’s arrest, the twin girls’ grandmother informed police that he’d been raping and sexually abusing the girls for over a year.

One of the girls told police that she’d met Guthrie on Snapchat, according to the Albuquerque Journal, and that he’d been regularly raping her “over a lengthy time span.”

She said he recorded at least one of the assaults, and had been using cocaine, methamphetamine, and owned numerous guns.

Once behind bars, Guthrie didn’t relent.

According to the twins’ grandmother, he began texting one of them asking for money and claimed he’d used a prison guard’s phone to do it.

Guthrie remains behind bars in Albuquerque’s Metropolitan Detention Center, according to records.

Source: https://nypost.com/2023/06/28/accused-child-rapist-jeremy-guthrie-pulled-over-for-dui-with-6-kids-in-his-car-claims-theyre-his-friends-disturbing-video/

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