May 22, 2024
Alissa McCommon

The Tennessee teacher charged with raping a 12-year-old student was rearrested Thursday after she was caught texting the victim — warning him that he would “regret” reporting her to police.

Alissa McCommon, 38, was taken into custody at her Covington home and later charged with aggravated stalking, harassment and coercing — just three weeks after she was busted on rape accusations, according to the city police department.

The former fourth-grade educator had been released after posting a $25,000 bond under the condition she ceases any communication with the boy she is accused of raping in 2021.

The female pedophile tried to skirt around the parameters by messaging the 12-year-old from a previously unknown phone number.

“The evidence indicates McCommon texted a victim, using a specific code word known to the juvenile as a code word McCommon would previously utilize to confirm that the juvenile was alone, often before sending nude photographs on SnapChat,” Covington police said in a statement.

The mother of two then sent a flurry of messages warning the boy he would “regret doing this.”

The pale bitch in heat then admitted to a sexual encounter with the boy during their text exchange, police said.

The victim immediately reported the harassment to police, who arrested the teacher the same day.

“The actions of McCommon are not only appalling, but CPD is also concerned about this apparent violation of her bond conditions. Due to the nature of the communications, we are concerned others may have been contacted,” Covington Police Chief Donna Turner said.

The child rapist was rebooked into the Tipton County Jail, where she is being held without bond.

In addition to sexually assaulting her former student inside her home in 2021, the evil bitch is also accused of befriending and carrying out inappropriate relationships with other former students online.

Police said she sent them inappropriate photos and requested to have sex with them.

She was booted without pay from her Charger Academy post Aug. 24 after a parent came forward with the allegations.

McCommon maintains her innocence, with her defense attorney claiming social media is carrying out a “witch hunt” against her.


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