July 17, 2024

A white female has been detained in Moscow after giving oral sex to a male stranger sitting next to her on a tourist flight from Antalya.

Passengers and crew clapped and cheered when police came on board and detained the the cock sucker, named Valeria, 29, at Vnukovo airport in the Russian capital.

The sexual encounter happened on a five-hour Pobeda Airlines flight, with children among the passengers.

The man sitting next to her in economy class initially tried to resist her and push her away, according to witnesses.

‘On a flight from Antalya to Moscow, a female passenger went on a rampage and [orally] raped her [male] neighbour,’ reported major Russian news outlet Gazeta.ru.

‘She pulled down his trousers and committed violent acts of a sexual nature.

‘Later the neighbor stopped resisting.

‘All this happened in front of the flight attendants and other passengers.’

Shot media reported: ‘Surprisingly, the flight attendants waited until the end of the action and only then moved Valeria further away.

‘The woman fought back and did not want to leave her newly-made companion.’

Another male passenger was deputed to guard her during the rest of the flight.

Reports said she had been ‘intoxicated’ when she boarded the flight in Turkey.

During the flight she ‘scratched the flight crew’ and smoked an e-cigarette despite repeated demands to stop doing so, according to reports citing eyewitnesses.

She told BAZA media that she had no regrets over her antics on the plane.

‘Everything was fine,’ she said. ‘I had a good time on the plane. Well, that’s a little more than that.’

She claimed that she had been fined 500 roubles – £4.40 – over her behavior, she said.

The police have not commented.

But her behavior ‘outraged’ fellow passengers.

She demanded hot water and then poured it onto the floor, it was reported.

When the Boeing 737-800 landed at Vnukovo airport, she sought to bribe the flight crew with an American one hundred dollar bill to hush up her behavior, it was alleged.

A stewardess put the bank note in the rubbish bin and Valeria was then seen emptying the trash onto the floor of the plane and retrieving the money.

As a police officer escorted her away to applause from those on the plane, she told the cop: ‘I won’t go anywhere with a sucker like you.’

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12800587/Female-air-passenger-performed-violent-oral-sex-man-sitting-stopped-resisting-escorted-jet-cheers-fellow-travellers-flight-lands-Moscow.html

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