July 17, 2024
Mckenzie Cook

Deputies in Carroll County arrested a white female twice within the span of a week on charges she molested a 14-year-old boy.

Investigators said they first uncovered the abuse when the victim’s family reported him as missing.

While he ended up returning home on his own, the boy’s aunt told deputies that a neighbor 24-year-old McKenzie Cook had tried to prey on him in the past.

“We learned that [the boy] had been telling some of the children he goes to school with that he had been staying at McKenzie Cook’s house and had actually shown some videos and some photographs of the two of them,” said Ashley Hulsey, spokesperson for the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

After investigators searched the female pedophile’s phone and reportedly found “inappropriate images,” they initially charged Cook on Sept. 8 with child molestation and enticing a child.

“She said, ‘Oh my gosh, this will never happen again,’” said Hulsey.

But, when she bonded out of jail, deputies said it did.

Six days later, the boy’s family called sheriff’s deputies again on Sept. 14 to report him missing again.

This time, Carroll deputies said they knew right where to go: Cook’s house on Tumlin Creek Road.

They said as they knocked, a deputy looked in the window and discovered Cook “wrapped in a blanket as she was attempting to conceal herself.”

Then, out came the boy.

“When she did finally open the door, the child did come out and was basically in his underwear,” Hulsey said.

Deputies said in addition to charges of child molestation and enticing a child, in the second instance she was also hit with an obstruction charge.

“She had no problem breaking the law again after she obviously knew that it was wrong,” Hulsey said. “And then, chose to do it again.”

That time around, a Carroll County judge denied Cook’s bond, keeping her behind bars until her next day in court.

Source: https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/carroll-county-woman-charged-with-child-molestation-twice-within-one-week

1 thought on “White Female Charged With Child Molestation Twice Within One Week

  1. Can you imagine if a man said: “I’m sorry officer, it’ll never happen again.”

    I hope she spends the rest of her life behind bars, but lets face it, she’s young herself and white, she’ll get a slap on the wrists; the judge will secretly wish he was the boy at the time and others will joke: “wish I got molested by her at his age too” and then the case will be over, and once again leniency on women will occur despite the seriousness of the crime, and of course, no sjw would point this out.

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