June 13, 2024
Ed Gale

Los Angeles police are investigating Chucky actor Ed Gale after he was caught on camera admitting sexting with up to 10 minors.

A group calling themselves ‘Creep Catcher Unit’ posed as a 14-year-old boy online and received lewd texts from the 59-year-old actor, before confronting him on camera at his Hollywood apartment.

The LAPD was called to the scene Friday and were also caught on camera. Police told reporters they are currently investigating, but have not made an arrest and no charges have been filed.

‘It is an ongoing investigation and no information is available at this time,’ a spokesman told reporters.

In videos filmed by Creep Catcher Unit (CC Unit) on Friday, the evil midget admitted there were several minors he had ‘talked to sexually online’, that they were ‘all under 18’ and there were ‘Definitely no more than 10’ of them.

He told the CC Unit frontman, who goes by the alias Ghost, that he planned to have ‘Oral, hand, and possibly anal’ sex with the person he was texting, who he believed was a 14-year-old boy.

In 1988, Gale (left) played Chucky in the horror film Child’s Play. Gale admitted there were several minors he had ‘talked to sexually online’ and they were ‘all under 18’

In the shocking video, the Howard the Duck, Spaceballs and Chucky actor was asked by Ghost: ‘Did you talk sexually to a minor online, yes or no?’ ‘Yes,’ the diabolical midget replied. ‘That’s a felony,’ Ghost said. ‘Yes,’ the shameless monster replied.

Gale’s friend answered the door of his apartment to reporters on Tuesday and declined to comment.

Screenshots of the text conversation between the homosexual midget and the decoy account show the pedophile telling the supposed child ‘I want hold yours while u go pee… your little winky,’ and asking them ‘Do u like the taste of come?’

The texts show the white demon writing ‘I want to taste your tongue in my mouth’ and ‘I want to be inside of you’.

The decoy asked the nasty midget in the conversation: ‘do u want to use condom all the time or do it raw for a little bit’ and Gale replied ‘Raw with lube’.

In the videotaped two-hour confrontation, Ghost showed the white monster printouts of the text messages, and Gale admitted he sent them.

A neighbor in the apartment building, Maggie Mayor-Oats, told reporters she found Gale ‘creepy.’

‘It’s not surprising. I always see random men coming in and out of his apartment,’ the 27-year-old jewelry store worker said.

On Tuesday a reporter saw two children entering the building with adult family members.

One, a 62-year-old uncle who gave his name as Steve, said he was ‘very worried’ about the allegations against his neighbor.

‘I gotta keep an eye on him,’ he said, gesturing to his young nephew. ‘If I see anything I’m calling 911.’

Another, Ryan McKinney, 53, said he saw police enter the building last Friday, but that he hadn’t seen any minors entering the apartment, or any other suspicious activity.

‘I had no idea,’ he said.

Ghost told reporters that the midget from hell reached out to their decoy account on social media two months ago.

‘He reached out to our decoy account in February of this year. We told him that we were 14 years old. He was fine with the age,’ he said.

‘Throughout the months he would try to solicit nude pictures from this ‘kid’.

‘When LAPD showed up, they took all the evidence we had. We had printouts of the chats and everything. We emailed them the chats and gave them the footage,’ Ghost said.

‘They said that they couldn’t make an arrest on the spot because of his health condition.’

The midget uses a breathing tube with an oxygen tank.

Ghost told reporters that LAPD took Gale’s electronic devices for investigation, as well as the evidence CC Unit had obtained.

LAPD did not confirm the claim, but video shot by CC Unit shows an officer carrying out a plastic bag from the apartment building.

CC Unit say they have conducted stings on 363 alleged predators since they started in 2018, and have been cited by prosecutors and police departments in press releases about charges against some of the people they caught on camera.

The group posted clips and pictures from its confrontation with Gale on its Instagram and YouTube pages.

Criminal records show Gale worked with a pedophile actor on the movie that made his Hollywood break, Howard the Duck.

Jeffrey Jones, who starred alongside Gale in the movie as well as playing prominent roles in Beetlejuice and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, was arrested in 2002 for child pornography possession, and was convicted of soliciting a minor.

He has since been arrested twice for failing to update his sex offender registry status.

In a 2014 interview Gale described his past closeness with Jones, hosting him for Thanksgiving dinner in Palm Springs after filming Howard the Duck in the 1980s, before Jones’ conviction.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11990447/Chucky-actor-Ed-Gale-59-investigation-LAPD-admitted-sexting-minors.html

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